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Noob book here The Majestic City of Depression


    Our majestic city took depression with true seriousness, convening every important community shareholder, communicating between all levels bird-high or tower-low, and the drones, full of sweet music, brought back the same conclusion; in the pursuit of truth and solution, our city would single-aimedly assent to death, causing the triumph of silence to reign forever in the million, cohabiting towers. The eternal, overlapping city would raise itself up by community, clicking its endless taps of song over the sky-strung, drooping wires, and, by an osmosis of ideology, force silence to reign in the skies again…

That's an epub so if you need a pdf email me. 

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Am 24, and graduated from Harvard in 2018. I live in Cambridge, Mass. This may sound very silly but the essays are authored under "Samuel Liu" but real writing is under "Samuel." Have also published in The Harvard Advocate, Slate, Yale Letters, Marginalia Review of Books, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Harvard CrimsonCaixin, Wall Street Journal (sort of)Little Star Journal, Business Insider, The New Guard. Some of these are really silly and don't count for anything. 

There is also some random old press about me lying out around there but it should be ignored. Am also an associate editor of criticism at Marginalia Review of Books. In the day I do tech stuff like a good Asian boy.